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They're enough to crush your daily life - and make you feel completely out of control. When you can't control your own thoughts, you feel insane. Crazy thoughts. Shameful thoughts. Obsessive thoughts. Thoughts that appear from nowhere.

You know what I mean.


It's different for everyone.

You may think "bad" or "extreme" things that you really don't want to think. Or you may obsesses about the future. Or washing your hands.

You might perform little rituals at certain points, until you feel just "right". You might check, check, and re-check things. You might worry about losing things.

You might fear that you're going insane... literally "losing" your mind. Whatever it is, you FEEL DESPERATE because you can't control your own thoughts.

Does THIS sound like you? If so - you REALLY need to read on.

Here's How Unwanted Thoughts Seriously HOLD You Back! Discover My Own Personal BATTLE with Obsessive Thoughts - And How I Discovered the SECRET to Becoming Free Again!

And How I Discovered the SECRET to Becoming Free Again!

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Bradley Thompson. I'm a best-selling author of over a dozen books, all focused on the human mind and it's potential.

I've spent the past 25 years discovering how fantastic the brain can be.

And I also know how PAINFUL it can be - when you're dealing with unwanted thoughts.

How? Because I used to suffer from deep, painful, surging thoughts that would appear from absolutely nowhere. Thoughts that made me feel ashamed, and sad, and literally insane.

The kind of thoughts that you daren't share with anybody.

I would also obsess about certain symbols. And I had to keep doing little rituals with my hands until I felt "clean" and "whole" again.

It was a daily battle. I knew it was irrational. But I still did it.

Knowing that it was irrational made it even worse. It made me feel even more insane, and my self-esteem plummeted.

Other people simply DIDN'T understand. And how could I possibly explain it to them?

That's when I got involved in psychology.

I spent years researching unwanted thoughts and how they came about.

It was difficult: back then, very few psychologists truly understood why these things happened.

These days, it's different.

There's a SOLUTION.

A solution that allows you to take back control of your mind - and begin thinking in the precise way that YOU want to!

Let me tell you more.

Here's What Psychologists Discovered Back in the 1980s - And How YOU Can Begin Using This HIDDEN Knowledge To Put An END to Your Unwanted Thoughts, TODAY!

These days, there's a term for being unable to control your thoughts.

It's what psychologists call the WHITE BEAR SYNDROME.

The story has it that famed author Leo Tolstoy, a Russian from the 1800s, once asked his brother to stand in a corner - and NOT to think about white bears.

His brother stood in the corner and tried. He suppressed the thoughts of a white bear. He tried to remove the image from his mind. He tried to think of something else.
Anything else! But NOT white bears!

He tried everything - and eventually, exhausted, he admitted defeat. He couldn't get rid of the thought.

Fast forward to the late 1980s, and psychologist Daniel Wegner decided to perform many dozens of experiments on this white bear concept, the idea of "unwanted thoughts" and "thought suppression".

He discovered that those participants that tried to suppress the thoughts, experienced them MORE VIVIDLY. By suppressing, the unwanted thought came back EVEN WORSE - and began to become EVEN MORE uncontrollable.
After some ten years, he made a BREAKTHROUGH.

He began to discover that it was the perception of those thoughts that caused the problem.

Not only that, he discovered there was a way to change that perception - and have the thoughts simply DROP AWAY, as simply as you'd drop a pen on the floor!

He discovered precisely how you can control your mind - and regain control of these previously chaotic thoughts.

Later research by psychologists and mental health professionals, including myself, resulted in even greater breakthroughs and advanced methodologies.

I'm talking about techniques that YOU can use. At home. On your own.

Suddenly, controlling your own thoughts became POSSIBLE.

But in order to succeed, you needed to follow a very specific plan of action.

Today, I'd like to share that plan with you.

Are YOU Ready to Take Back CONTROL of Your Mind? Here's How to "Delete Thoughts" Like Files on a Computer - All Explained Within My Exclusive, GUARANTEED Guide!

- All Explained Within My Exclusive, GUARANTEED Guide!

Would YOU like to regain control of your thoughts?

Would YOU like to delete unwanted thoughts from your mind - just as you'd delete unwanted files from your computer?

How would it feel if you were suddenly FREE of all those chaotic, limiting thoughts that make you obsessive, and irrational, and shameful?

Over 3% of the population currently suffer from White Bear Syndrome, and the vast majority are never diagnosed out of shame.

They spend a lifetime struggling with their own mind.

Fast forward twenty years. Would YOU still like to be struggling the way you are today?

If not, then I'd like to share something with you. It's my brand new, easily-accessible guide to stopping unwanted thoughts - based on all the very latest psychological research.

A guide for individuals like YOU. Not a guide for psychologists. But for REAL PEOPLE.

It's based on decades of research, 25 years of industry experience, and thousands of case studies. It was originally powered by my OWN personal experiences dealing with unwanted thoughts. And it's the ONLY book of it's kind available today.

It's name?

Recent research into thought suppression means that you can now control your OWN thoughts, from the comfort of your OWN home.

There's no need to feel shameful about seeking a psychologist. There's no need to feel desperate, or embarrassed, or insane.

Just follow a simple, step-by-step plan - along with a few simple exercises - and you'll NEVER experience unwanted thoughts again.

Here's EXACTLY What You'll Find Inside The FULL Guide! Learn PRECISELY Why You're Having Unwanted Thoughts - And the FOUR Simple Techniques for Getting Rid of Them!

Let me tell you something.

I really, REALLY want you to discover how it feels to be without obsessive thoughts.

You simply won't be able to BELIEVE the freedom.

Wow. It's sparkling!

And inside my 40-page guide - "Release the White Bear" - I've compiled absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to get rid of unwanted thoughts TODAY.

You'll NEVER experience that strangling, panicking sense of turning insane. You'll NEVER need to perform that needless ritual until you feel "just right". No more shameful, bad, extreme thoughts. No more obsessing about the future. No more triple checking everything before you leave the house.

Inside my fantastic guide - "Release the White Bear" - I'd like to share:

  • Discover the PRECISE Reasons WHY You Have Unwanted Thoughts - I'll show you how they first appeared, and what you can do about them in future!
  • Here's Why SUPRESSING Thoughts Absolutely NEVER Works! - Find out the problems it causes, and why it usually makes obsessive thoughts even worse
  • Why EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT Makes Unwanted Thoughts WORSE - And how the imagination can be your enemy in slaying the white bear
  • How the COMPLEX MIND Model Works, And What It Means - Let me show you exactly what happens inside your brain, and where it's going "wrong!"
  • Why Giving Your Unwanted Thoughts MORE ATTENTION Could Actually Help - It seems crazy, but follow my technique and see the difference!
  • The FOUR SECRET TECHNIQUES for CRUSHING Unwanted Thoughts - Discover the ultimate four methods for STOPPING white bear thoughts, once and for all!

All of this and MUCH MORE.

So, would YOU like to crush those unwanted thoughts and enjoy the ultimate freedom - ONCE and for ALL?

Get Ready to BANISH Unwanted Thoughts, FOREVER!
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Unwanted thoughts make life a living NIGHTMARE.

You can't control your own mind.

You do things over and over until it feels "right" in your mind.

You experience bad, extreme thoughts that you can't get rid of.

You obsess about little things: like washing your hands, or stepping on cracks, or turning off appliances, or certain "unlucky" numbers.

You might even worry about losing your mind.

You need to begin controlling your thoughts. NOW.

You cannot still be suffering with this in twenty years time.

There's only ONE sure-fire way to begin taking control of your mind again. And that's by tapping into the very latest in scientific and psychological research - from a man that's been there.

"Release the White Bear" is the ONLY guide that can share this information with you.

I'll show you precisely how to get rid of unwanted thoughts for good, so that you'll never have to worry or even THINK about unwanted thoughts ever again.

It's EASY - and I'll show you how.

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There's a reason you ended up at this website.

I invite you to click the above button, take control once again - and discover that reason for yourself.

Thanks for visiting my site today.

Bradley Thompson, Best-Selling Author
Founder, Stop Unwanted ThoughtsT
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